Hans turns TWO!

Hansie is two! He loooooves lightning mcqueen, cars, dinosaurs, wearing helmets, riding his scooter and bike, yogurt (he could eat an entire large carton in one day), and running after his two older brothers and doing anything and everything they are doing. He also loves his binky, blankey, teddy, and now his "diny" (green stuffed dinosaur) that he got from his cousins for his birthday. 

Hans is such a good kid. He is really easy going and loves just doing what everyone else is doing. He is the best at saying please and thank you and sorry without being asked. If you try to take his food, he'll freak out. But if you ask him politely, he'll share in a heartbeat. 

He is the best snuggler and gives so much loves. 
I love him SO MUCH!

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