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matching jammies from target. steve got suckered into buying them. 
i think it was worth it :)

we love going to jaker's pumpkin patch in the fall. the kids love the corn pit. i always end up finding a bunch of corn kernels in the dryer after i do the laundry.

this particular day hans carried that back of animal crackers everywhere he went

love that face!

we found Zooey while we were there!

Cute brothers

love him 

Testing out the portrait lens on the new iphone. It's pretty amazing!

I let Jayne stay up to watch The Voice with us in exchange for backtickles

Crazy boys during my doctors appointment

Jayne had a field trip and wanted to wear earrings and picked out her very own outfit :)

Looking at fun videos with Kate

Vinny dipping his pizza in his soda. My kids love doing this. Its so funny and so gross.

face paint by jayne

We went to the BYU alumni game. Frankie said "Mom, look! There's a pregnant guy playing soccer!"

Jayne is so cute. She offered free makeovers one day. The sweetest college girl on a run stopped by and got her makeup done. It was so nice of her and Jayne was thrilled.

My baby

Swinging before church

The nursery goes into Primary to join for part of music time. These kids were being cute.

Loves his lightning mcqueen helmet and wears it nearly everyday to ride his bike!

growing bump

So this poor kid face planted while bike riding. Thankfully he had a helmet on but he ended up smashing his mouth on the cement and his upper tooth ripped into his upper lip. There was so much blood it took me a minute to clean him up and find out where it was coming from. Thankfully he didn't need stitches or anything, but it did kill his tooth and he eventually needed to get it pulled out. Poor boy had a fat lip during our trip to AZ. He looked so cute though and was a good trooper.

Made himself his own cozy little spot :)

Birthday breakfast for uncle tay tay!

Siblings dinner for Taylor's birthday

When Frankie had to get his tooth pulled the tooth fairy was extra generous. He looks so cute with his missing tooth!

Love this girl

So proud of our Coach Steve and his boys team winning State!!! Watching a group of 17 year old boys rush off the field to hug him as they scored was one of the sweetest things Ive ever seen. We are so proud of how hardworking he is for our family, and so glad that he gets to do what he LOVES! He's great at it!

Who needs clothes to ride a bike?

Homework! Her writings crack me up.

Carving pumpkins for Halloween

A perfect fall day

Pumpkins carved and dressed and ready for the BYU basketball game!

The cutest Koala I've ever seen

Ready for some trick-or-treating! It was so fun going in our new neighborhood. 

Our spooky house (we played Halloween music outside too)

Love these kids with everything I am


Conference weekend! 
We printed out some fun printables for the kids to do as they "listened" to conference.

Between sessions we went on a hike up Rock Canyon. Jayne specifically asked me to take this picture of her looking off at the beautiful view :)

Taking care of business... ;)

I found this song that Jayne had written. She also asked to learn how to play the guitar so I think she may have a desire to become a song-writer! The song makes me laugh its so dang cute.

Gigi came to visit! Backtickles are a favorite request from our kids (they get it from me:)

My best girl!!!

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