Vinny tried out wrestling. He's super strong and loves wrestling at home. He liked it, but really didn't like having to take his shirt off and completely refused to, haha. So we ended up  keeping him in a tumbling class with his cousin Savannah instead.

When I try to take an afternoon nap and these kids like to make it hard for me

Beautiful fall day at the bike ramp!

Driving to church and looking way too grown up


Post voting comfort food with the cutest kid in town

Happy birthday to my little sister!!! Love this girl so much

Jayne invited her Grandpa Porter to Veteran's Day at her school. It was the sweetest thing. He came and told some stories and got to eat lunch with her in the cafeteria. She loved it!

Sweet sicky 

Can't wait to meet this baby!

Vinny lost a tooth!

Our first snow day. The kids couldn't WAIT to build snowmen. Especially Vinny who was the snowman making master.

Traditional lighting of the Riverwoods with the kids!

MOA fun

I'M HUGE (!!!)

Celebrating our last days as parents of 4

My sisters came up from AZ and my parents mom few in from MD for Thanksgiving! My in-laws were super generous to lend their home for us for Thanksgiving day so we could all comfortably cook and fit somewhere. 

Can you tell we are sisters?

Thankful for these people of mine!

One day over break we went to Morgan's sport facility to play a game of soccer and let the kids run around. They were loving it.

Loved having my sister and her kids stay with me. A nice distraction before this baby came.

Cousin time at the Bean Museum

Hans getting royal treatment

More snow!!! Vinny made this snowman all by himself except Steve helped pile the balls on each other.

I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure (just before baby girl arrived!)

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