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so much love for his baby sister

that time the kids asked me what my breast pump was and how it worked (no it's not a lazer gun)
I wish I recorded their expressions when I showed them what it was and how it worked :)

Sweet baby girl

My mom is an angel. She brings me breakfast and lunch in bed after my kids are born. It makes the transition with a new baby so pleasant. I love her so much.

She's so delicious. 

rough morning.. lol

I can't even

Just stop 

our bed usually looks like this in the morning with everyone wanting dibs on baby

sweetest sisters

i was so sick with a cold but we somehow still managed to decorate the tree!

looking so tiny in grandma middie's arms

uncle max!

"uncle" kwasi

so perfect

looking so much like baby vinny during her first bath!

not so sure how she feels about me taking all these pictures of her

pretending to fall asleep?

cross eyes!

winky smile, so cute

hand placement

Jayne made this sign. It is TRUE!

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Porter


I thought I would be so sad having such a gap between them, but now that she's here I wouldn't wish it any other way. Watching them interact and seeing Jayne be so tendy holding her tiny little body is EVERYTHING I EVER DREAMED OF. 


So many stockings! Makes my heart sing!

The saddest Frankie Frank during his Christmas program. He was so pumped and excited beforehand and then got total stagefright. He said "My body got scared and I wanted to sit with you."


Jayne reading Christmas stories before bed. Heaven.

Can't. Get. Enough.

Oh hello there!

Ok, goodnight.

Grandma Middie's for Christmas presents! The kids are not only scared of real dogs, but apparently fake dogs as well.

Little christmas beanie for baby

I could eat her alive

Hansie boy!

Goofy brothers

These two kill me. Hans likes to do everything his big brother does.

Loves from cousin Violet!

Gingerbread house making at Grandma's

Sleeping angel

A not so tender or mild baby Jesus ;)

This snapchat filter on Hans... LOL


Handme-down christmas bear outfit 

picture idea FAIL. It looked so cute in my head.

Guitar lessons! Made me teary watching this go down.

So teeny tiny

Animal rides at Provo Town

Christmas at Seven Peaks!

Meeting Santa!

Santa at the Riverwoods is the BEST Santa

Our little baby elf. Or doby from Harry Potter? Not really sure.


Our attempt at a family christmas photo! Not bad.

Hans LOVES Grandpa

Traditional jammies shot with the ladies. Vinny with an epic photobomb.

Cuties in their jammies

We had our very first christmas at HOME. I don't know why I never did this sooner. It was SO MUCH FUN and felt so special being together as just our own little family. It was magical.

What made it even more magical was all the snow we got on Christmas eve!

"Talking" to Grandma

Jayne asked to be wrapped up burrito style too!

That time I thought I packed Hans' diapers. #twoindiapersprobs

Dino museum!

Wide eyed at the movie

Hard not to laugh. How did we get here with so many kids?! (Don't answer that;)

When instagram ranked the most loved photos of the year and Rosie girl won by a landslide. 

Provo Beach Resort for the countdown to the noon year!

Add "balloon drops" to Hans' list of irrational fears

Matching! :)

New Years Eve at my brother's cabin! Jayne brought her face paint and offered to paint everybody's face. She even made a aper with lots of samples you could choose from. Cutest thing ever watching her do Hans and him sitting so still.

Couldn't resist a photo up with this rug

One of my favorite videos ever

tricks with dad

frank's pouty face. so cute.

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