After Rose was born I was sort of all over the place with postpartum hormones. I usually go through a little postpartum after each of my babies, but it was way stronger after Rose. I think I probably had it worse with my girls than boys but because Jayne was my only baby maybe I didn't notice it as much with her? I don't know for sure, but anyway, it was a good three months of feeling super sensitive/emotional, bouts of depression, feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious by small things, etc. It was hard! Steve was amazing and supportive through it all and really picked up the slack where I couldn't keep up. After a somewhat rough Christmas break and a busy beginning to the new year, Steve let me take almost a week off and go down to AZ to get some much needed sunshine, rest, and "sister medicine." I took Hans and Rose since the other kids had school. Crystal and her kids came as well and it was a party! My favorite part of the trip was just laying out on the lawn chairs and chatting in the sunshine while the kids played together.

Coco was obsessed with Rose and always wanted to carry her. She was so excited when they were matching in their yellow outfits this day.

My parents came into town for Lauren's brother-in-law's wedding. They didn't know Crystal and I were coming into town so we surprised them. It was so fun.

facetiming this goober

Ok so as Steve and I were trying to figure out what to call baby girl (She was Stevie Rose but it wasn't working out) I was feeling so stressed about what to name her. We were leaning towards Rose but for a couple reasons I wasn't really sure if we should. On the drive down to AZ I was talking it over with my sister and literally told her "I really just need a sign as to what to name her!" It was maybe 5 minutes later as we are still talking name ideas that I look out my window and see a huge sign that says ROSE'S diner with rose in all caps. I yell "Look!" and Crystal goes "Oh my gosh! It's a sign!" and I said "yes! It's a sign! Like, a literal sign!" We both could not stop laughing! Then, later at my sister's when we were looking at sites for baby name ideas, one of the first sites we looked at had the list in the photo above. No other name was printed twice except for ONE. These may sound so dumb but I am also the type of person that way overthinks things and having little things like this happen really helped me out, lol. It didn't take me long to realize Rose was the name!

Beautiful hike with these ladies!

Looking cute in a vintage romper I wore as a baby

Sweetest girl

Love these two so much

Having some quality time with this boy was THE BEST!

Rose was spoiled by all her cousins that wanted to hold her

Red looks good on you babe!

Living the good life

Modeling her Aunt's bows!

Goofy face on our drive home. I just love those eyebrows and that dimple and that double chin.

Steve sent me this while I was gone. He took the kids and their friends to the creamery for lunch and ice cream. It sure made me miss them all and excited to come back.

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