steve took the kids to a movie so i could catch up on laundry and i so regretted not joining them!

found her asleep during tummy time with monkey tucked under her arm thanks to jayne :)


Traditional Valentine's Day Breakfast!

Somebody realizing they are no longer the baby

Our name announcement for this pretty girl! Finally!

Such a boy ;)

More cabin fun! My parents came out for President weekend and we all stayed up at the cabin together. It was a party!

I love this photo of Rose and my dad

Church bathroom selfie! :)

Came upon this scene. If you look closely you can see that Vinny is sleeping horizontal on the bed, probably kicked Frankie right out. I feel bad for his future wife ;)

Snuggles with this girl up at the cabin was heavenly

I can't even!!!

Gah. I love her.

Jayne changing her poopy diaper. 

When Jayne hijacks my phone. :)

Had a rough night one night with gas and reflux. It was so sad. She was freaking out inconsolable. It was heart breaking and made me cry! This was after medicine and she finally calmed down and fell asleep.

Girlfriend! These pictures really deserve a post of its own. (also, my computer wouldn't let me flip this picture for some odd reason)

Sweet ballet slippers

Family game night! Our kids are finally reaching fun game playing level and its awesome.

Jayne cracks me up

Dragon by Vinny! I love it.

Bday lunch for Ashley's 30th!

Rosie girl came along too.

Casino night and mocktails for Ashley's 30th!

I sure love this girl!

I'm not kidding when I say I love newborn poop. Not the blowouts, but the smell. Jayne says its smells like white bread, and she is SPOT ON. I love it and will miss it so much when we no longer have newborn poopy diapers. 

BBG workout week 1. Killer!

My little rosebud! ;)

Naps with Dad. Heart explosion.

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