Frankie turns 4 in Vegas!

Steve had a soccer tournament in Vegas over Frankie's birthday so we decided to tag along! We got into the hotel late the night before his birthday (St. Patrick's Day). The kids woke up to mustaches drawn on their faces by a very silly leprechaun. He also left some gold chocolate and escaped out of Jayne's leprechaun trap she made for him. We sang happy birthday to Frankie first thing in the morning and he got to open up his presents (pokemon book, toys, and a pokemon shirt). 

Frankie is the funniest most loveable boy. He makes everybody laugh. He is so freaking cute with his toothless grin, big blue eyes, and long hair. He is absolutely beautiful and always gets mistaken for a girl. I will be sad though the day we cut his hair. Frankie has a passion for life. He is energetic and wild and just down right awesome. 

We love you Frankie!

We made sure to bring this letter Vinny wrote for the leprechaun with us to Vegas :)

Jayne's trap!

Even Rosie got a mustache :)

Chocolate gold!

We stopped by my brothers to play with cousins. These two were so sweet on the swing together.

For lunch we went to Shake Shack! My brother came down to Vegas with us too and watched some of my older brother's surgeries. He felt cool pretending to be a doctor at lunch. He definitely got some stares with such a baby face, walking in wearing scrubs with five kids! 

Only the best for the birthday boy ;) 

We played around by the fountains and went to a nearby playground

After playing we cooled up in the hotel pool! Rose in a swimsuit was to die for.

Also, she LOVED swimming! I dunked her under a few times and she would come up smiling. Made me so happy.

Towel girl

Cousins! We watched a couple of Danny's football games. 

This girl loved the warm weather and being outside

Hans.... so dang cute.

Goofy birthday boy!!!

Geeze I sure love him.

Hans killing me with those baby blues.

For dinner we went to a taco restaurant with my brother's family. As Steve was reading off the different tacos and got to "cow tongue" frankie yelled "yeah! yeah! cow tongue! I want cow tongue!" Steve was like... are you sure? and he said yes! So we got him cow tongue taco and he LOVED it. After that meal, anytime we would ask what the kids wanted for lunch and dinner he would say "Can we please go to the cow tongue place?!"

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