4 months old!

I can't believe our Rosie pose is four months old. Slow down, girlfriend!!! At her check up she was 95th for height, 25th for weight, and 95th for head. She mostly wears clothes that are the size above her age. She's a big girl! I love it because I love the rolls and the squish, but it also makes me sad because I want her to be little forever.

This girl is seriously as happy as they come. She is pretty much always smiling, squealing, giggling, and content. She loves taking taking baths, her binky, being held, and getting attention. She will flash you the biggest gummiest smile when you lock eyes on her. I love it! She isn't sleeping through the night as long anymore and I think it's because she is getting bigger and hasn't started solids yet. But I honestly don't mind too much because she will nurse by my side as I sleep and then we end up just snuggling into the morning. It is heavenly. :)

She is always getting comments on how pretty she is, and how big her eyes are. They are getting bluer which is so fun. When she was born I was certain they were going to be hazel like Vinny. Jayne kept saying "Mom, I just know they are going to be blue like mine. I just know it." She was right!

Although you can't tell by these pictures (she originally had a hat on and so it fell flat) her hair still very much sticks up tall! It cracks me up how tall it is getting. Jayne's hair did the same thing. We love it!

She's got dad's trick down pat!

I love her dimple :)

Happy four months baby girl!

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