Back to blogging!

It feels so good to be back! My poor neglected blog... I've missed you. Blogging had been calling my name for months but Instagram felt so much easier that it sort of went to the wayside. Instagram is great, but the downside to it for me is I don't get the more detailed journaling I like to do without the underlying cons (like the worry of clogging people's feeds with pictures of my kids, or the pressure to see what everyone else is up to everyday. Not to mention how easy it is to mindlessly get on out of habit without even realizing the time vortex... or the occasional FOMO that can sneak in ;) It's been so refreshing to be off! The first few days I would find myself trying to open the (deleted) app without even thinking, like auto mode. It took a few days to quit that habit and it's amazing how much lighter and less foggy my mind feels now without the distraction.

I spent the last week playing catch up on my blog from the past year (you can find new posts in my archive). They are mostly clumps of photos and captions for each month or special holidays but it feels so good to finally have an organized place for them that my family can look back on. I love documenting our memories and things that interest me and I'm excited to be doing that again without any pressure.

I planned on making this blog private, but am going to keep it public for now. I feel a little vulnerable journaling out into the endless abyss of the internet. My instinct as I've gotten older and more jaded by the world is to form my own little bubble around those that I know and feel safe with. But I also love being inspired by others, and sharing things that inspire me, so I hope in some small way this place might offer that to others too. At the end of the day though, I blog for me. These are the memories I hold dear and want to keep forever (or at least until there is no more internet ;)

So here's to blogging again! If you ever have questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email and I'll do my best to respond. Thanks for following along!

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