Happy Easter!


We are so grateful to know that Jesus Christ rose from the dead so we too could overcome death and live with these cuties forever!

I know that we can find true lasting peace only through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

We celebrated Easter morning with a hunt for baskets left by the Easter bunny. I love easter egg hunts but I think baskets are easier and less fuss (and fighting). I am loving the portrait lens on the iPhone. I can't even remember the last time I took out my big camera. It was fun taking some headshots of these cuties. Hans was killing me with his new "smile"and was cracking us all up. The kids kept saying he looked like a "little old man" in his church clothes. We had a great day at church honoring Jesus Christ and His ressurection.

The kids had an easter egg hunt in alpine that evening put on by Uncle Max and Aunt Kate. It was so fun watching them competitively search for the two golden eggs (found by Jayne and Hans). It was so sweet the effort they put into it for them. They loved it!

I hope your Easter Sunday was a good one!

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