Jaynie Girl

I've been wanting to do a more detailed update on Jayne for some time now. She's changed so much in the last year and seems so grown up lately. Here are some things I want to remember about our Jaynie girl:

She's been the best big helper, especially with Rose. She's really good at holding her, making her laugh, changing her diaper, and putting her to bed. She's a mom in the making. She's also really good at picking up the house and cleaning and she'll often offer to do this at nighttime after the younger boys go to bed (mainly to stall her bedtime;).

She's currently in Drama Club once a week after school and she loves it. They made up their own plays based off Aesop's fables. Also, once a week she does Ballroom dancing which she is really enjoying. I think she mainly loves it for the high heeled dance shoes and skirt she gets to wear every week :)

She is still quite a girly girl. She loves wearing dresses, putting on make up, wearing high heels, and carrying purses. However, she dislikes buttons and bows. When I asked her why she wouldn't wear a bow for church one day she said, "Mom, it's not that I don't like bows. It's just, they aren't really my thing." Haha. So apparently she has a strong sense of her own personal style already and they do not involve buttons or bows.

Just a funny thing about Jayne... she is such a hoarder! She will collect so many knick knacks and random things in her room. And don't even get me started on her BED. She will hoard SO many things into her bed - books, papers, drawings, markers, pencils, stuffed animals, blankets, random toys. I don't know how she even sleeps with it like that. Every week I'll go through and throw stuff away and organize the rest and it's kind of a long ordeal. So one night I tried to teach her how to keep her room clean on her own and when I got to the part about throwing some stuff away, she totally panicked and couldn't bear the thought of throwing one single thing away. So we are going to have to work on that one.

She loves playing with her friends, especially our neighbors Etta and Charlotte. They will play make believe, build fairy houses, or swing on the swings, and lately they like to play M.A.S.H with each other and it brings me WAY back to when I was kid. I loved that game! JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was always my #1 husband choice, haha.

She is a great student and always gets notes home from her teachers commenting on how wonderful she is to have in their class. She is advanced in both reading and writing. She has a writing report she does every week and they always crack me up. She writes like how she talks and it's so cute. She enjoys school but sometimes comes home telling me the "mean girl" stories from class. It's kind of funny the way she reenacts what they said (she'll do the body language and everything) but it still makes me sad. There was a time where she would call to come home from just the slightest cough because she said, "mom, if I cough in class sometimes I don't make it into my eblow and people make me feel bad and say "ew! thats so gross! you're getting your germs on me. scoot over!" I wish I could tell her stuff like that will go away when she's older but I think it only gets worse! (Also, I'm sure she's not 100% perfect and has her moments too). At least these experiences facilitate some good discussions and learning for her (as a sidenote: did you know there is a difference between being rude, mean, and a bully? ).

Jayne has lost three teeth so far and her two teeth on the top middle are SO close to falling out. I'm kind of excited because I think she'll look so cute with both of them missing. Whenever she loses a tooth she always leaves a long note for the tooth fairy saying thank you and asking her all sorts of questions. It's really sweet.

Speaking of notes, this girl is a note writing machine! She is always writing notes to family or friends. She one time wrote notes to every person in our family (with envelopes addressed to them) telling them something special about them and ending it with "I hope you know how much our family loves you." She loves making to-do lists or chore charts with her own made up rewards that she hopes Steve and I will agree to, haha.

She's still our little artist and loves drawing, coloring, painting and creating. Lately she's been practicing drawing eyes and noses in more detail. She's also into designing her own clothes. She'll draw different outfits and dresses, shoes, matching accessories, etc. It's so funny and cute. I'm so excited to see what this girl decides to do when she's older with all these talents of hers!

As wonderful as she is, she can drive us crazy with her stubborn ways sometimes. She likes to have things her way (who doesn't?) and it can be exhausting getting her to just be obedient the first time we ask her to do something. But for the most part she is a really good girl and likes to choose the right. She's very empathetic and cares about others and is sensitive to getting her feelings hurt. She still loves stuffed animals (especially her monkey) and her blankey. I like it because it makes her feel little still. She really loves and knows the importance of family. She also has a strong testimony of the Gospel and Jesus Christ. She recently bore her testimony for the first time in Sacrament meeting. It was one cute and perfect sentence, "Hi may name is Jayne Magleby and I want to bare my testimony that I know the Church is true and say these things in the name of Jeus Christ, amen." A couple months ago she gave a talk in Primary that she wrote all by herself. She got it done a week before because she told me, "I don't want to stress about it all week and just want to have fun"(opposite of the procrastinator like me).

Her favorite colors are blue/green and gold. Her favorite food is buttered noodles with parmesan cheese. She loves plain cheeseburgers and sprite if we ever get fast food. She loves the Evie pokemon and has a stuffed one she sleeps with every night. She won't drink any kind of milk and isn't a very good eater but she recently got a rash on her arms and I told her that if she started eating healthier that who knows, maybe it would help it go away. It actually motivated her and she's been branching out on eating healthier things the past couple weeks. We'll see how long it lasts!

 Jayne is truly one-of-a-kind and we feel so lucky to have her in our family!

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