Love List

A list of things I'm loving lately...

1. My little brother Adam is home from his mission in Taiwan and staying with us until school starts at the end of the month. It's the best. We'll work out together, do scripture study, he'll make the best turkey avocado sandwiches for lunch, we'll play games and stay up late chatting. I'm 10 years older than him but now that he's all grown up the gap seems so much smaller. I love it!

2. Like I mentioned in number one, I've been working out more lately and it feels SO good. I had gotten in such a rut and dreaded working out. But now that I'm getting stronger, I crave it. I hope I can keep it up.

3. Getting to Facetime Katie, my best friend from high school who is getting married this summer and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! We haven't seen each other in 10 years!!! The last time we were together was when she came out to Utah to visit me shortly after I got married. We were babies. Catching up with her was the best thing ever. I can't wait for her wedding!

4. Steve bought this juicer a couple of months ago. I was really skeptical about investing in a juicer and thought for sure it would be a short lived interest and we'd be left with an expensive juicer we never use. Wrong! We've been juicing nearly every day (sometimes twice a day) and it's sooo good (and easy with hardly any prep at all!). We typically do cucumber, apple, celery, spinach, kale, romaine, ginger, carrots, lemon.

5. Rose..... I. can't. even. She killllllls me. I always say she's "so cute it makes me sick", lol. Lately she will prefer me holding her and will often fall asleep on me. In fact, she is currently sleeping on me AS I TYPE THIS (picture to prove). Probably because we've been partly co-sleeping since birth... which has been totally worth it. It is my favorite thing ever! Also, Steve and I are obsessed with getting her out of bed after naps because she'll give the biggest grin and start kicking her legs super fast. She's the yummiest thing alive.

6. Hans has been cracking us up lately. We'll sometimes call him "Boss baby" (b/c he reminds us of the baby in the movie) and he'll get so mad and say "No, YOU boss baby" or... he'll say, "Yeah I boss baby. Boss baby has a lot of money!" (he learned that from Frankie). Also, if you haven't seen Boss Baby, go see it. Even if you don't have kids. It's so funny!

7. I've been practicing being more "present" during the day and I'm feeling the benefits. For example, instead of letting my mind wander to what I need to get done while I'm nursing Rose, I'll just relax and try and focus on nursing. I'll take note of her soft skin, the way her eyes roll back as she's eating, how she crosses her little ankles, or how she'll stroke my skin with her hands. It's really relaxing and I'll try and do that with any activity I'm doing... just letting my brain remain in the moment instead of on overdrive thinking of all the things I need to get done. It really helps bring any stress levels down and keep my mind clear.

8. The sunshine! I try to take advantage once a day (if the weather allows) just sitting on our front porch in the sun, closing my eyes and just soaking in that Vitamin D! Even if its only 10 minutes, it feels so dang good. We have rain on the forecast for the next week so I am going to miss it.

9. I'm loving this coconut almond milk that tastes like gold and helps keep my milk supply up. The chocolate coconut almond milk is amazing too.

10. Bedtime with the kids. Usually I dread the whole ordeal (and I still sometimes do and make Steve do it if he's home) but I've made an effort to start earlier and take it slower and just enjoy it with them since I know that will be one of the things I will miss when they aren't little anymore and don't want me a part of their bedtime. We'll chat for a bit before they go to bed and thats my favorite part because they'll open up about things, especially Vinny and Jayne. Its pretty cute. Also, Frankie and Vinny have started having "sleepovers" together in one twin bed (they share the same room, but apparently thats not enough) and I find it adorable.

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