Ice cream with Uncle Tay Tay

Yummy baby belly

Yummy baby thighs

Lucky girl to have the best big brothers in the world!

Jayne notes :)

Jayne's baggy book correspondence LOL

I thought her eyes were big and then I did a flash! Yowza!

Angry baby ;)

Jayne's wishes

Sweetest thing

Chloe's bridal shower. Balloons were such a beautiful backdrop!

Inaugural sister bath!

Hiking with Uncle Jayson

Angel baby

Vinny = creepy

Happy Birthday Ryan! When did my baby brother grow up?!

Women's day dance in Provo. Jayne was so sweet helping me get ready.

I went with a bunch of women from my ward. It was fun!

Came home to find Jayne asleep next to the scriptures. She kills me.

Starting reading from my hard copy I got as a kid. I wrote this note and it reminded me so much of something Jayne would do. 

This girl LOVES the tub!

Birthday lunch at Tucanos with the family

Birthday note from my sweet Vinny

Friends showing off their babies. I love it.

These girls were sweet and took me out to a late dinner. 

Met up with my dear friend Shannon for the day at the Curiosity Museum. It was so fun to catch up. I love her so much.

Cutie doing tummy time

Sleeping beauty

Came downstairs from working out to see this scene. I freaking love my boys!

my sunshine!

jayne's notes just make you feel good

meeting up with ashley and evelyn 

Can you believe they are 6 months apart? Evelyn is tiny!

I really want to eat her all the time

Hanging with Grandma Middie

Outgrowing her bassinet. NO!

Frankie had a little birthday party with friends when we got back from Vegas. Tumble gym and Poke ball donuts!

Mommy-daughters date! We went to see Beauty and the Beast and then got our nails done.

She was loving the recliner seats.

Savannah's bunny birthday!

My sweet niece Ivanna (Javi and Susie's baby) was born! Love her so much!

Family movie night

Girl tub

My little brother Adam came home from his two year mission to Taiwan! 

Vinny is writing! And it is the best. I love his notes. I'm so excited for him to be in this stage of writing now.

Let Vinny stay up one night for some mommy-son time. 

Squishy fell asleep on our morning walk.

Oh yeah, we bought a minivan!!! I never thought I'd cross over (bc of Steve) but I have NO REGRETS. Honestly, I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. I'm kind of obsessed. 

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