My Frank

Here are some things I want to remember about our Frankie Frank:

I think Frankie's favorite thing to do is ride his bike. He learned how to ride without training wheels last fall and has gotten really fast. He is outside biking (with his beloved Cars helmet) practically everyday. Hans will follow him out on his little trike and they will spend hours riding their bikes together. I love it.

Ok, I lied, I remember what Frankie loves more than anything! That would be to go on "Tay Tay Adventures." Tay Tay is his Uncle Taylor (my brother) and he is the much admired uncle for the little cousins. Nearly everyday Frankie will wake me up and the first thing he asks is if I will call Tay Tay to see if he could take him on an adventure. These adventures usually entail going on our bucket bike to somewhere fun, and most often involves a treat! He also likes to ask me in the morning to call him and see if he'll come over and make pancakes, lol. Or he'll ask me, "Mom, does Tay Tay have work today, and do I have school?" (there is one day a week where Taylor does not have work and Frankie does not have school and it's his favorite day of the week!). He often says that Taylor is his "best friend."

Frankie has a contagious personality that is full of adventure and fun. He is always up for an activity and isn't one to really want to sit down and watch a movie or TV for very long (like Jayne or Vinny). He is go-go-go and wanting to be playing, jumping off the couch, or even just running around the house in circles is a common occurrence. It can be exhausting but I love his energy. I wish I could steal some of it for myself.

Much like Vinny, he has a passion for Pokemon. I do think he loves it mainly because Vinny loves it so much, and I'm sure when Vinny changes his passion, Frankie will too. But it's cute. He loves playing with his Pokemon toys or wearing his Pokemon shirt. He got a Pokemon backpack for his birthday from a buddy and loves taking it to school.

He really likes dogs now. My kids went through a phase where they were terrified, but after living next door to a family that owns a dog, it has really helped them calm down and appreciate them. Frankie told me he is asking for 5 dogs from Santa for Christmas and that Vinny is asking for 3, Hans for 1, and so we are going to have 9 dogs! Unfortunately I'm their mom, and if you know me I am not an animal lover, so we will probably never own a dog. At least not until one of them can take care of it entirely by themselves or if somebody really invents "Vapoorizer" (love that movie) because I can't stand finding dog poop in our yard or cleaning it up.

He loves any kind of chicken or meat and doesn't really like eating typical carbs for example, he'll always eat the chicken or turkey from a sandwich and leave behind the bread (??) or eat the salmon but not the rice. Maybe because he makes up for it with plenty of sugar. He is terrible at eating fruits and vegetables so we are still working on that. He loves ketchup (bc Vinny loves ketchup ;) and recently discovered a love for COW TONGUE. He had it on his birthday and has been obsessed ever since. We found a taco place in Provo that sells it and we took the boys there the other week and he was so happy!

He loves snuggles and is very affectionate. I love this about him. He gives lots of hugs and kisses. He always asks for extra snuggles at bedtime. There was a long period of time where he would climb out of bed in the middle of the night every single night and come into our bed to snuggle. It drove me crazy, but now that he has stopped... I miss it! Why is it always like that?!

He is really sensitive to blood and will freak out at the smallest sight of it. Which is sort of funny because if he bangs his head or something SO hard and leaves a bump or bruise, he might cry a little bit but he calms down pretty quickly. However... if he barely falls and manages to get a tiny scrape on his elbow or knee and sees a speck of blood, its total meltdown!

He is a jokester and can be surprisingly funny and he has the best laugh! He cracks me up everyday. He likes making people laugh and is really witty for his young age. I don't have any specific examples off the top of my head other than this morning I caught him mooning baby Rose and he thought he was absolutely hilarious. Or the time when he asked me what his penis was called and when I told him "penis" he goes "No... coconuts! (and then started busting up laughing)" I have no idea where he learned that but that is Frankie for you. He's crazy. He definitely has his moments where I just want to pull my hair out because he can be stubborn and defiant and difficult at times but his funny personality makes up for it.

He is the boyest of boys but always gets mistaken for a girl with his long locks and beautiful face. He seriously kills me sometimes with his cuteness. I love his long hair but I so often just want to chop it because it's annoying to brush and often just looks so straggly in his eyes but at the same time it's become so part of how I envision him since he's had it for so long. I can't imagine him without long hair and I know I will cry a little inside when we finally cut it. Steve says that will never happen bc we aren't ever going to cut it, haha. We'll see.

He is a sweetheart to me. He has started picking me flowers frequently and just coming inside and saying "Hey mom, I picked this for you" and sets it on my lap and then runs back outside. Its so sweet and makes me feel special that he thinks of me while doing his own thing outside. I really love being a mom of boys. Also, he likes to sing. He'll often be humming songs or singing Primary hymns to himself while he's playing with toys. He's surprisingly on tune! Steve and I think its the cutest thing.

He recently started playing soccer for the first time with Provo Rec! He was the most pumped of any of our kids on his very first day of soccer. He couldn't wait to be on the field playing... and then it got rained out. He was so bummed. When he finally had the chance to play he was totally committed and energized on the field. Don't confuse that with real talent. He kept doing super hero power poses while running back and forth, but then when everybody would all try and get the ball he would just kind of stand back and observe. It was so funny. He definitely isn't the best player, but he has the passion, so I'm sure with time he'll get better. Tonight he had one of his best games and was a lot more aggressive and almost scored a goal! It's really fun watching him play and I'm glad he enjoys it so much.

I could go on and on about Frankie. He holds such a special spot in our family. I feel like I'm a broken record and say this a lot, but it's true. I couldn't ask for a better "middle child" because he goes with the flow and is the comedic relief that we all enjoy and love so much. He's the best and I can't imagine our family without him!

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