Rose at 5 months old!

Somebody make her stop growing!!!

I can't believe we are at 5 months already. Yowza! At the same time I feel like I've known her so much longer. She is my little buddy and goes everywhere with me and I LOVE IT. 

At 5 months old she's:

- Sleeping around 10 1/2 hrs at night. She usually goes to bed around 8/8:30 and wakes up anywhere between 6-7:15. Now if only I could get myself to go to bed when she goes to bed then I'd be really winning at life. 

- Solely breast feeding still. I don't have it in me to start solids yet. I should be embarrassed admitting this, but it's because I don't want her to lose her sweet poopy diaper smell. It smells like white bread and reminds me of all my babies and I love it. I'm not ready to say goodbye forever! Also, she has started tucking her head down on my chest and/or grunting when she wants to nurse. It's so cute. 

- Not rolling over or anything. The girl loves to be held and stand on her legs. She is not a huge fan of laying down or doing tummy time (partly my fault because I rarely make her do it - someone is usually either carrying her or she is standing in her jungle gym). 

- Really discovered her voice and loves to squeal and screech. She is so loud!!! 

- Loves slamming her fist in and out of her mouth. If she gets ahold of something (like a rattle or binky) she'll keep doing it and sometimes she'll miss and bang her face or head and starts crying... silly girl.

- Loooves the tub. She gets so excited the second I put her in, kicking her legs, flapping her arms, and smiling ear to ear. She also loves taking showers with Dad. 

- A mama's girl! Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm her favorite ;) Probably because I spoil her too much by holding her and snuggling her any chance I can get. Do you blame me? 

- Loves Dad and her brothers and sister too, of course. She lights up at them when they interact and talk to her. She will often giggle just by Jayne and Vinny looking at her. (She also has her own theme song that the kids like to sing to her: "Ro....sie, Pose. RosieRosieRosieRosieRo-sie-Pose. Ro......sie, Pose. RosieRosie, Pose. RosieRosie, Pose. RosieRosieRosieRosieRo-sie-Pose. ROSIE POSE!")

- Gets bashful sometimes and will tuck her head into your chest when she does. She also went through a funny phase where she was really scared of old people but has seemed to outgrow that, thankfully! (we love old people :)

- A super smily and happy baby. For the most part she's really easy going, easy to read, and if her needs are met she's zero fuss.

My favorite thing about having a baby girl is dressing her up everyday! She might be our last so I am really taking advantage of all her adorable clothes and taking lots of pictures. It is so fun, especially since she doesn't complain one bit about what I pick out (I'm looking at you Jayne;). I think my favorite items of hers right now are her tights and bonnets. The tights make her legs look so yummy and I think bonnets just look so cute on her round face and keep her feeling like such a baby. 

We love our Rosie girl!

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