Rose's Baby Blessing

Rose Frances was blessed by her Dad on Sunday, March 26th at our church. It was a beautiful blessing. She wore the same blessing dress Jayne wore as a baby. It wasn't until I pulled it out that I realized it had roses embroidered all over it which made it all the more special for her. We are so grateful for this beautiful daughter of ours. She is such a joy to have in our family and makes us all so incredibly happy.

Frankie was not very happy about taking pictures. This was the best we could do. 

She's got the trick down pat!

She almost looks like she's giving a thumbs up here, haha

Grateful for the family that were able to come and support and celebrate this special day!

So grateful for the wonderful men she has in her life

Rose is in a phase where old people sort of freak her out, LOL! We all know she'll come around. Everybody loves Grandma Middie. Rose just hasn't figured it out quite yet!

"Somebody save me!" ;)  These photos crack me up but I love them so much. 
Grandma Middie is the best.

We took some sister shots in their matching dresses later in Alpine. I died.

Luckiest mom to have these best girls of mine.

Happy blessing day sweet Rose! We love you!

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