My baby sister turns 17 tomorrow! It kind of blows my mind. And makes me feel really old. We are 14 years apart and I remember so well when she was born. I love this beautiful chica with all my heart and love having her in Utah!

For her birthday, she told Crystal that she wanted a surprise party. She also said she wanted it on the weekend before her actual birthday (which gave one day that worked), and even gave her some birthday detail requests. It makes me laugh because that is so Elyse. She is a perfectionist and a little bit ocd and so this is about as "surprise" as a surprise party could get for her (not really a surprise, haha). But don't worry, her reaction was still on point ;)

Crystal did a fantastic job planning. I came early to help set up and she had already had pretty much all of it done! Soda and s'more bar, birthday photo backdrop, boxing bouncy house, cake and ice cream, and an outdoor movie! Perfect teen bday party, in my opinion.

Happy Birthday Lee-see-loo!

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