Adam and Emily's Wedding

Emily and Adam (Steve's cousin) were sealed for time and all eternity in the Timpanogos Temple last Saturday. It was a wonderful day attending the wedding and celebrating with family. I love weddings. Nothing like witnessing a young couple in love get married. Tugs at the heart strings every time. They were so happy and beautiful. After the sealing they had a luncheon at Maglebys in Springville and then a reception that evening at the Loggia at Thanksgiving Point. It was such a quaint and beautiful little venue surrounded by trees and pretty tulips this time of year, along with a bush maze that the boys were especially loving running through and playing hide-and-seek. There was yummy food and best of all, DANCING! I believe all weddings receptions should have some dancing. It's my favorite. 

Pictures from the day!...

Gramps and Rose. She wasn't too happy about having to be awake. Ha. 

Gramma Middie and her namesake

Josephine was a total babe in her dress and fishtailed hair by Kate!

Max just being a stud

Grandma working her magic

These boys had the best time together. We love having Jackson in town!

Vinny a happy boy to have a plate of sweets

Took advantage of the beautiful backdrop of tulips

His "smile" cracks me up

Cute Jackson!

Can't get over how much Rose looks like Steve here!

She even has the cutest sad face

Funny side story. So at Emily's shower she shared with us how Frankie was a critical element in what brought them together. You see, we asked Adam to babysit one night when we went to a late movie. Apparently Frankie woke up sad and Adam was able to get him to fall asleep on him. He took advantage of the cute factor and posted a picture of it on Tinder. That is where Emily saw the picture and she said if it wasn't for the cuteness of a little boy snuggling up asleep on Adam, she may not have noticed him. Ha! Gotta love it.

Dancing time! I look freaky, but I loved that the boys were so excited about dancing! 

Vinny and Grandma getting wild on the dance floor

Sweet Grandpa Grandaughter moment (thank you Kate for taking these!)

Cute story. So as we started dancing Hans was pouting and we all just assumed he wasn't really digging the dancing scene. Then the song ended and he started bawling!! So I picked him up and asked him what was wrong and he said he was sad cause he wanted to dance with me! I didn't realize. I felt so bad but made sure to dance with him as soon as the music started up again. Then anytime I stopped dancing he would get mad and yell "I wanna dance!" and then start smiling as I started going again. Haha. Little dance machine! ;)

Sparklers for the send-off!

Steve was out of town so I had to haul all 5 with me to the grocery store for the very first time on the way home. Big milestone that deemed worthy of documentation. They did great.

I love wedding season especially when it's family!

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