April flew by! The month was filled with a whole lotta fun...

The kids pranked each other for April Fool's Day :)

We went to the Cabin for Conference weekend. It was so pleasant relaxing with family, fueling off good food and spiritual nourishment, playing games, and getting outside as well. 

Max's drone is awesome. He took some cool videos of the kids sledding down the ski run. 

The sledding was a little intense. I wish I had video to share, but the kids were FLYING down the run so crazy fast. Made me a bit scared. Nobody got hurt. Lots of fun was had. 

I mentioned this already, but we bought a minivan! We had been living off of one car (and occasionally borrowing a second car) our whole marriage. It was about time! I am loving that the kids can get in and out stress free! Its so funny how much they love it. They think it's so fancy (sliding doors = fancy, lol) and for the first couple weeks would always ask (unnecessarily) "can we pleeeease take the minivan???" 

We went and saw Boss Baby for Spring Break. We all loved it. I would seriously watch it without kids. I laughed at so many parts and even got emotional! I love a movie that can get me emotional. 

Baby Ivanna (Javi and Susie's baby girl) is the cuuuutest thing! Love facetiming and getting pics. 
Can't wait for her and Rosie girl to meet!

Fun times at Chuckee Cheese (kids request during spring break)

We also took the kids to Hogle Zoo over Spring Break. In the monkey exhibit there was the cutest baby monkey holding onto its mama's back. Rosie girl did the same with Dad :)

Look at all these cuties!

She's gotten good. Still makes me nervous everytime. 

After the zoo we went to the State Capitol to check out the cherry blossoms. Love these two.

Note from Vinny to Rose, and Note from Jayne

That time Hans fell asleep in the bike!

The kids had been begging to take a bath WITH their clothes on for a little while. 
We finally made their dreams come true!

I love them

Chloe got married! It was fun having this babe to tag along with since Steve was out of town. The second pic above was us lamenting at how old we feel and look (except kate is neither old nor looks it!). 

The gorgeous bride!!!! Honestly I don't think I've seen a more gorgeous bride. Also Jayne was loooving the reception. First thing she wanted to do was wait in line to give Chloe a hug. She also picked flowers off of a tree on the way in to give to her. So sweet.

These boys were loving having their cousin Jackson to dance and play with! Jackson was a dancing machine! 

For Spring Break Jayne got to do the ropes course at Provo Beach Resort. She was so brave and had a lot of fun!

Just cute pics of Rose girl

That time Jayne got her dressed for the day ;) (yes those are pants over a romper)

That face gets me everytime. 

Quotes by Jayne. So many gems ;)

For family night one night we talked about missions because Adam got home from his mission and was flying to Utah the next day. I casually mentioned that the kids could make a welcome home sign for him, and I kid you not, Jayne disappears for like 2 minutes and comes running back in with a homemade sign all ready to go. That girl. 

Vinny made a sign too. It was so cute. It was so fun to surprise him at the airport!

More cute Rosie girl pics

Frankie's first day of soccer!


Sleeping baby on you is like a little slice of heaven

Baby girl got her passport for our upcoming cruise! 

We found a cow tongue place for our Frankie Frank. The other boys tried it for the first time and loved it too!

Just a gorgeous day outside with neighbor friends...

The cutest baby pic of Steve. We totally see a lot of Rose!

One of my faves of her :) That dimple!

Adam getting some awesome profile pics to swoon the ladies... ;) jk

Ate a zebra cake (bought them for Frank's soccer) for the first time since middle school maybe? (so good). And the girls being totally awesome playing dress up and pretend. Loved their outfits!

That time Rose fell asleep on me at a dress fitting with Elyse for prom! It was the sweetest thing!

Sunday Sister Shot

Frankie our notorious sleeper-on-the-go

Glow in the dark bracelets from Grandma's drawer!

Jayne is a pro at manipulating with the "guilt trip" haha

Rose in a Rose Romper. Love it!

Some great pics from Aunt Kate on Easter!

Testing out Vinny's new hat, lol

The kids made their own balloon animals at home from watching youtube tutorials

Rose turned 5 months! ahh!! At Emily's bridal shower she was being so bashful and kept tucking her head into Kate's chest. It was so cute and funny.

Sleeping Beauty... those eyelashes are killer.

May, we are excited for you! One month closer to SUMMER!!!!

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