Barfies and the McDonalds Man that Saved the Day

(Frankie's Preschool photos... he kills me)

Last Thursday, we were rushing off to Frankie's soccer game. He mentioned that his stomach hurt but when I asked if he was sick and wanted to stay home, he said "no" and that he wanted to play soccer. We got to the game, got him dressed, and he mentioned again that his tummy hurt as he layed down on my lap. He often gets tired around that time of day so I asked him if he just wanted to stay there and rest or go home, and once again he said "no, I wanna play soccer" and so I figured if he was well enough to want to play then it probably wasn't very bad. As he's called into the game he jumps up excitedly, however, it was less than 5 seconds into playing that he stops, turns to me wide eyed, puts both hands to his mouth and proceeds to BARF all over the field. So much projectile vomit. You could hear the "whoa!"s from all the other parents. I felt so awful. I grabbed him off the field and tried to frantically take care of him while also cleaning up chunks of vomit off the field with baby wipes so they could continue the game, mortified as other parents came to help clean it with me (bless their hearts). I couldn't wait to beeline it out of there, but the cutest thing was that when I took off his vomit covered clothes and had him down in his bare underwear, he looks up at me with his big eyes and says, "Mom, I feel good now. I'm ready to go play." HAHA Steve would have been so proud. 

Any way, the rest of the afternoon I felt pretty frazzled and overwhelmed. We hurried to get Jayne off to dance as she's preparing for her upcoming recital, and I instructed Frankie to barf in a grocery bag I had on hand if he so needed to. Sure enough he barfs again, but makes none of it into the bag, of course. (It was a moment I was very thankful to finally have leather seats). I dropped Jayne off and after cleaning up the mess as best as I could, I took my "starving" (their words, not mine) boys through McDonalds drive-thru for dinner. I could barely get our order in as they yelled from the backseat demands of what they wanted. They were unusually cranky and whiny and I was just so ready for the day to be over. But then... as I pulled up to pay for our meal the cashier told me that the car in front of us PAYED FOR US. Say what?! I had to ask again to be sure. I rolled down my window and yelled out a "THANK YOU!" as a kind old man smiled back at me from his rearview mirror. 

Moral of the story. If you are having a really crappy day...

Go to McDonalds ;) Who knows, maybe the car in front of you will buy your meal, or maybe you will be that someone to pay it forward to a frazzled mom in a white minivan smelling like barf. I promise she'll be forever grateful.

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