End of An Era

After nearly 4 years of long beautiful locks (and always being mistaken for a girl) we cut Frankie's hair.

Long story short, he watched me cut Hans and Vinny's hair and begged for his own haircut too. At first I just trimmed it to satisfy him, but afterwards he got upset and said "No, I want it THIS long" with his pointer finger and thumb about a half an inch apart. So I caved and chopped it.

After the first big cut I completely regretted it. And from then on as I continued cutting I accidentally kept muttering "Oh no, I'm going to cry" "Oh no, I'm totally going to cry" and he would look up at me all concerned and say "Why, mom? why are you going to cry?" to which I'd say "Because you just look so darn cute!" Haha. I should be embarrassed admitting this, but after he went to bed I totally bawled like a baby. It's not that I don't think he looks absolutely darling, because he does. He looks so handsome. It's just that it makes him look 3 years older than before and I just wasn't ready for that chapter of long hair to be over quite yet.

Oh well. Good thing is that I woke up in the morning and it had grown on me pretty quickly and now I love it! More importantly, HE LOVES IT. He was grinning ear to ear the whole time I cut it and even during he looked up at me and said "Mom! Now everyone is going to know I'm a boy!" and then afterwards it was freaky how much he looked like Vinny and he loved hearing that too. He no longer has hair falling in his eyes and he tells me he can run so much faster now too, haha.

And best of all, it can always grow back. ;)

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