Memorial Day!

Every year, the Sunday before Memorial Day, we visit the gravesite of a few of Steve's relatives (Grandma Zella, Grandma and Grandpa Boise, and Grandpa Frank) with his family. Everyone will talk about the memories they have of them and it's fun to learn new things about them. I love that our kids get to experience this because I think it helps teach them to appreciate their ancestors and to remember them. All of our children have family names whether a first or a middle (or both), and I hope they will live up to their names and develop a strong sense of gratitude for family and those that came before them.

Rock showing Hans how to clean off the headstones. 

Anything for Dad....

Sweet Vinny. I think the boys favorite part of visiting the gravesites are running free around the endless grass and checking out the many headstones and the things that family leave for them. 

Jayne wrote the sweetest little note for Grandpa Frank. They have a very real and special bond that death did not diminish and it kind of amazes me. He died when she was only 4 and she will still talk about him from time to time.

For Memorial Day we got together with friends and family and went swimming up in alpine! The kids were SO jittery and excited to have their first pool day of the season. Frankie said "Mom, this was my best day ever."  We are so grateful for all the men and women that died serving our country so we could be doing stuff like this in a free land. We are so blessed and I think we often take it for granted.

Rosie getting giggles out from Kate

Uncle "Bo Bo" was the entertainment for the afternoon for the little ones

Baby girl was a tiny bit uneasy of the pool at first but warmed up in no time. I eventually had her lying on her back in the pool (because thats what she does in the tub) and she soon started kicking and smiling.

Summer Rose is my favorite Rose!!!

I wanna eat those chubby legs

She fell asleep in the shade. Cutest. 

After all the partying, Kate helped me organize all the baby girl clothes and Rose just fell asleep like no big deal. WHO IS THIS CHILD???

She's perfect.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Chelsie McCarty said...

Okay I'm dying to know where you get your clothes for your baby girl! Especially that cute red and white striped dress she's in for this post. She always looks adorable!

Dayna said...

Hey Chelsie! Thanks! I buy most of her clothes from old navy (that's where the striped dress is from). she also has stuff from target and tj maxx (they always have cute Ralph Lauren items).

Chelsie McCarty said...

Ah good to know, thank you!