Rose at 6 months old!

Our Rosie Posey is 6 MONTHS OLD! She couldn't be any cuter or yummier or more perfect in every way. She is seriously the cherry on top and I'm allowed to say that because everyone in our family feels that way too, Haha. There is something so special about the "baby" of the family isn't there? Especially through their first year, it's just so magical and exciting for everyone in our household. We are head over heels in love with this baby! 

At 6 months old this little girly...

-is rolling all over the place and soooo close to sitting up all by herself
-had her first bites of baby food
-loooves nursing and by default she looooves her mama!
-has started screeching. she does it just for fun and its so loud and so ear piercing!
-is a great napper and sleeper. 
-is so sweaty! she has sweat stains all over her carseat and will break into a sweat even just from nursing. 
-has a funny cry now where she keeps her tongue sticked out a little bit and chews on it while she cries. hard to explain and i'll have to try and get video but it's pretty funny. 
-loves the tub and will kick and shake like crazy even when i just bring her in the bathroom and begin undressing her. she knows whats coming and can't wait!
-is grabbing everything within reach and has a death grip!
-is growing way too fast for my liking. she has a doctors appointment tomorrow so i'll have to add her stats. but she is chunkier than my other babies and has the biggest cottage cheese booty and i love it!
-waking up in the night now to nurse and then snuggles me into the morning. as much as i miss sleeping through the night, i love this stage with her.
-is such a nice and sweet girl, pretty much always smiling and happy. she just radiates joy and i love that about her so much.

Happy 6 months Rosie girl!

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