Sister weekend!

My sister Lauren and her family came to town to visit for the weekend. We loved getting to see her and Chris and their kids. We tried to pack the weekend with as much fun as possible and also some quality sister time. We hiked Rock Canyon friday morning, the kids played in Crystal's amazing backyard while we relaxed and chatted, we roasted hot dogs and had a couple nights by the fire roasting s'mores, went to the MOA and Lowes Extreme Airsports, had a game night with the boys, and made sure to squeeze in a "sister night" to Happy Sumo before they left. It's weekends like these that make me wish my entire family lived in Provo. I love spending time together and especially getting cousins together. It's always such a blast. 

The kids loved throwing rocks in the river. We had a few close calls with 8 little ones trying their best to aim in the water... I think a couple people got hit in the head but thankfully nobody seriously injured, haha. 

Hans being a brave climber!

She was so weirded out by the cold water on her feet! She didn't know whether to smile or cry.

I need a zoom in of Frank's face, haha

Baby girl loved being outdoors

The "playground" exhibit at the MOA is really interesting. It's photos of recess happening at different schools all over the world. One of the things my brother-in-law pointed out was that in nearly every photo you would find a group of boys fighting. It was neat to see what other schools are like, how they differ and are similar in a lot of ways.

Cute cousins!

My sister's backyard is amazing and the perfect spot for outdoor dining

Happy Sumo with these babes was a highlight for sure. Just missing a few ladies to have made this perfect!

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