Sundays and a Double Rainbow!

We love our Sundays together as a family. We enjoy going to church, serving in our callings, and learning more about and drawing nearer to our Savior Jesus Christ. It is a welcome reprieve from the busy tasks of the week. After church we eat a yummy lunch, sometimes take naps, or play games with the kids, or simply just RELAX. In the evening, we love going to Alpine to have Sunday dinner with Steve's family. We eat a delicious meal and get to spend time with more loved ones that we don't typically see often. We also get to celebrate birthdays together (like we did for Josephine this particular day!). It's always a highlight of our week!

I gave, I mean, Vinny gave his first talk in primary on Sunday ;)  It was conditional upon me standing beside him and whispering a line at a time in his ear. His voice was barely audible. But for a kid who fears the spotlight more than anybody I know, it was a great effort.

Frankie also gave the sweetest comment in primary. The teacher asked, "How does the Holy Ghost make you feel?' Frankie raised his hand and after being called on said, "Jesus Christ is nice to us." She then asked, "How does that make you feel?" to which he said "Happy." He's right. 

On our way home from Sunday dinner we spotted a double rainbow!

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