Cousins Camp 2017

We had another fantastic year with family at Steve's aunt and uncle's ranch in Thatcher, ID. Steve's grandma puts on an annual "Cousin's Camp" for all her nine children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren for basically one huge family reunion. It's so fun and we look forward to it every year. The ranch is absolutely beautiful and it's so nice to escape our typical routine and just be outside with open endless stretches of land, horses to ride, four wheelers to race, good food, and even better company and conversation. We always leave exhausted and covered head to toe in dirt, but also wishing it wasn't quite over. 

The cutest part about this year was watching Vinny hang with a bunch of the older boy cousins who are twice his age. They played sports with him, took him on four wheeler rides, and even let him sleep in their group outside under the stars. They were so inclusive of him and really made him feel a part of the pack. It was so sweet and he loved it! It was so nice catching up with cousins we hadn't seen in awhile that haven't been able to make it previous years. Nothing better than getting together with family!

vinny loved that he could hide himself in the grass, and asked that i take this picture. can you spot him? :)

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