Girls Weekend in Austin! Part 1

My sister Crystal and I planned a last minute girls trip to visit our sister Lauren in Austin, TX this past weekend! Her husband is doing an internship there with Dell for three months this summer so they are only there for a short time. Crystal was following a site that gives you updates on certain flights that go on flash sale. They'll be insanely cheap but you have to be quick to snag them and they are only available during certain dates. So when she got an email saying that there were round trip flights from slc to austin for only $100 for the following weekend, we jumped at the opportunity! Jayne had been begging for a "girls trip" for months, and had been very particular about taking an airplane to said girls trip (eye roll). I would always tell her not to get her hopes up, and that it would probably have to be a drive to vegas or some type of staycation. But when we saw how cheap flights were we decided to bring Jayne and Savannah (and Rose) and make it a fun girls trip for them. Her dream came true!

Our flight left at 5:30 in the morning which meant I had to wake Jayne up at 3am to go to the airport. She was so excited and super chatty on the whole drive with Savannah, it was really cute. But then when we finally parked, took a shuttle to the terminal and started walking to security, she was feeling super carsick and nauseous. It didn't help that she got half a night's rest. Then two flights later with altitude changes, no sleep, etc. it did a number on her and she was feeling really sick at that point. I felt so bad for her. We had a quick yummy lunch at Salt Lick BBQ right off the airplane, and then got our rental car and met up with Lauren in downtown Austin to start exploring. Jayne felt a little better and did okay for the first little bit before she started feeling sick again. Luckily my sister brought her stroller so we set Jayne up all cozy underneath the stroller with her blanket and monkey and she quickly passed out to sleep. We checked out some shops and fun murals, got dinner at Homeslice (such yummy pizza!), and then headed back to Lauren's apartment. We got the kids in bed and then headed out just the three of us to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Wonder Woman! It was so fun being served food (we got milkshakes, homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk!) while watching the movie. That is my kind of movie experience!

And of course... pictures!

I'm so glad these two have each other. They are the sweetest cousin duo. Crystal and I planned matching outfits for them for the day we took off and they were so excited to see they were twinning!

Jayne was especially helpful with Rose, entertaining her on the airplane, and playing with her during our layover while I stole a few zzzzz

Jayne played a camera trick to make it look like she was taking our selfie. Haha. 

Jayne is just like me and gets so nervous flying. Now that I'm older, I'm better at keeping my cool but it was sweet to see her do exactly what I used to do at her age (close my eyes, breathe deeply, hold hands!)

Loved carrying this little chica around Austin! 

Hostess with the mostest! This girl gave us the best stay. Love you, Lauren!

Jayne wasnt feeling well so I told her to just relax in the AC blasting car while we quickly took photos by this mural. Soon enough she was walking over from the car telling me she didn't want to miss out on ANY fun. 

This one store had aisle after aisle of genuine leather cowboy boots. They were each so unique and fun! It was cool to see the different styles and also the price tags (!!!$$$!!!)

Dinner at Homeslice!

We were dying over how much the kid on the cover looked like a younger Tay-Tay with the same mustache he used to have just a few months ago!

The kids were loving the pizza dough our server brought them to play with while waiting for our food. Genius!

The sweetest little sicky off in dreamland during dinner. 

Part 2 in Austin, here!

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