Girls Weekend in Austin! Part 2

We woke up our second day in Austin glad to have Jayne back to her happy, healthy self. We ate breakfast at Walton's Fancy and Staple where we ordered their creme brulee challah french toast. Reminded me more of a bread pudding than french toast but it was divine.  After breakfast we went to the Austin Nature and Science Center where the kids explored the center and then digged for dinosaur bones and played in the little creek there. After, we drove over to Zilker park and ate lunch, and then played in Barton Creek. Rose fell asleep on me at that point so I just put my feet in the water and walked around in the shallow parts. The rest of the gang rented canoes and paddled down the creek towards the Colorado River junction. I walked along the path while Rosie slept. It reminded me a lot of Maryland and the path along the C&O canal. After canoeing we headed back to Lauren's house for more swimming at their pool and then we got the kids in bed for another GNO on the town!

We ate dinner at the Odd Duck (reminded me a lot of Communal but even more interesting or "odd" food parings.. hence the name, maybe?) and it was SO good. I was blown away by the flavors and how good they were paired together. My favorite was the pork dish and the pretzel appetizer. So yummy. Then we walked along 6th street with all the entertainment going on. It was fun to people watch and hear some of the live music. It's so lively and full of energy! We grabbed donuts at Voodoo donuts and then tried to hit up a Jazz club, but it was kind of slow music and not that great so we bagged that and went home and stayed up waaaay too late chatting (as sisters do). It was a great night!

Saturday morning we slept in and had one last hurrah in Austin with lunch at Shake Shack before heading off to the airport. The coolest thing about our flight back home was that we had a 7 hour layover in Denver. Yes, 7!!! You would think that would be a bad thing, but it ended up being amazing because Steve was in Denver with the BYU soccer team and they had a game smack dab during our layover just 15 minutes away from the airport! The nicest parents of a player came and picked us up and drove us to the field. We watched the whole game, ate dinner with the players afterwards, and then Steve drove us back to the airport just in time to make our flight home!

Charlie and Leo were being so cute with Rose on the trip. They need a baby sister!

shout out to my brother Adam for babysitting my 3 boys while we were away! He did stellar!

When you ask a stranger to take your picture, you get very artsy photos ;)

Chipmunk cheeks!!!!

Hahaha i love her soooo much

Jayne was hating all the gnats flying around and so during the game she recruited Savannah to become "Gnat busters" and kill all the gnats.

We also pulled out one of Jayne's upper teeth during the game. She refused to let me pull out the other, but as you can see it is hanging on by a thread! Her teeth are looking mighty fine these days ;)


Love him. 

Part 1 of our Austin trip, here.

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