Ivanna Luna

We were SO excited to finally meet Javier and Susie's newest baby girl Ivanna last week! They flew into Utah for just a couple days and were so amazing to drive all the way down to provo after a long travel day so we could all meet her. Steve was bummed he missed out since he left for Colorado with BYU earlier that morning and wouldn't get back until after they were gone. 

Javier is like a brother to us and so we are thrilled to have a little girl cousin practically the same age as Rose (they are only 4 months apart). She is the sweetest, cutest thing. She kept smiling and just seems like the most chill, happy baby. A highlight of their visit was also getting to meet Javier's sister, Fabiola. We've known Javi for 15+ years and so to meet his very own sister from Bolivia for the first time ever was really awesome! I joke that she's just a "pretty Javier" ;)

Jayne asked to hold Ivanna first thing. It was so sweet. And after they left the kids just kept saying how cute she is. We just adore this little girl and are so happy to have her in the family!

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