More of our month of May, according to the iphone!!!

Sleeping pics just never get old

Speaking of sleeping... Frankie is still a pro at falling asleep pretty much anywhere. He took a nap on the floor before heading out to a wedding.

First Hokulia of the season!

A good church day where the kids behaved and were nice to each other during sacrament.

Frankie got to join Vinny's soccer for a day, and Hans wanted to be involved so badly that I did my best to dress him in his own "soccer outfit" too. I love these boys so much.

Elyse went to Prom! It was so fun dress shopping, watching her get ready, and seeing her date pick her up the night of. She was STUNNING!

Mid chop. Look at his face! He was so excited to have short hair like his brothers.

Brother love

I splurged at Joann's and bought a bunch of fabric to make matching outfits for the girls. I had no idea how expensive it would be until I went to check out (and by then my fabric was already cut). I sold a couple to make up for it (aka keep Steve happy, lol) but I can't even tell you how fun it has been making matching outfits for these sisters (with their age gap it's harder to find matching clothes) and it's so rewarding to see them wear something that I made for them! Believe it or not, making clothes is more expensive than just buying now, but I don't think this itch will go away anytime soon so I just need to be better about finding fabric on sale!

Chillin on the porch. We had put away all the heavy coats and then we got hit with a random cold spell and had to pull them out again. Utah Weather!

Congrats to my brother Jayson for taking the MCAT and feeling real good about it! He finds out his score in a few weeks.

Anytime Taylor comes over, Frankie and Hans ask to wear the same shirt he has on (since they all have "Richards Challenge" shirts from our trips to the lake). We had all four boys matching one day! Too funny!
Celebrated Elyse's 17th birthday with a sibling dinner at Tucanos

blue teeth at hokulia

Love that handsome new haircut!

His smile cracks me up

Jayne's friend Greta had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Everyone had to come as a character. Jayne went as Fleur Delacor. The party was adorable and so creative. They had flying broom lessons, made their own wands, ate cupcakes to see what House they were placed in, made potions, played games, and ate food.

Cracks me up! They loved it!

The cutest Luna Lovegood and Fleur Delacor

I pulled up from running errands to have these boys rush to my door, open it, and hand me flowers they had picked for me. Heart explosion. 

Pajama day for last day of preschool!

Sibling snuggles

Jayne is so sweet and will often take Rose out to swing on the swings. 

They are so lucky to have each other

Park day!

First time on the swings. She was a little unsure at first.

Brother octopus!

Frankie's preschool had an end of the year carnival that we went to. It was so fun. They had a balloon artist, a face paint artist, bouncy houses, sno-cones, activities, and even Moana payed a visit and showed them a dance!

Rarely a morning that someone doesn't come in to snuggle up on their baby sister

Our neighbors Adelaide and Charlotte came over to play with Jayne and she painted their faces. They kept coming inside asking if they could show Rose and play with her. Then they asked me if I would take pictures of them holding her, haha. I love that they already want to "play" with her and it gets me so excited for Rose to get bigger so she can really run around with her "friends" :)

Pool days are here and we are all really happy about it!

Wiped out from summer fun

The kids have started going to a weekly yoga class at the Rec center. Its an hour and free and they love it! But you know who loves it even more? ME! I get to work out upstairs while they have their class. Win, Win.

Frankie is in quite the "power struggle" stage right now but he still manages to melt my heart with his daily affection and snuggles.

We went to the kids school art show. I LOVE Jayne's self portrait. 

And Vinny's ducky!

This girl doesn't get any sweeter

She kills me!

Rose got to tag along with me at the daughter's luncheon for Women's conference. It was so fun catching up with everyone. These ladies always have the most entertaining stories to share. 

Star Wars Pez dispensers for May 4th from Uncle Tay Tay!

Taylor didn't get to be there to see them open them and so he had me send him pics.

The kids hosted their own dance party one Friday night. They each invited a few friends from school, popped popcorn, put on music, and played outside for a couple of hours. It was so cute. The funniest part about this was that an older boy showed up, and I was so confused because he didn't look like he would be Vinny's age and so I wasn't sure who he was until Jayne told me that she had invited him from her class! I never really specified only girls because I just assumed that her friends were all girls. Haha.

Hans' best buddy Whit! They play for hours and never seem to get sick of each other. Always covered in dirt head to toe by the end of the day.... evidence of a day well spent!

During our Joann's splurge, Jayne picked out fabric to make her own blanket (we just did an easy fleece and cut strips that she tied into knots). She was so proud of it and now sleeps with it every night. She's been asking to learn how to sew so I am thinking about surprising her  with her very own little sewing machine for her birthday.

One night Frankie and Hans begged to have a sleepover in his crib. I thought for sure they wouldn't fall asleep but they must have been exhausted because they were out in just a few minutes! Stuff like this makes me so happy.

Hope your month of May was a good one!

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