Summer Fun

This picture below pretty much sums up our summer so far:
Friends, family, treats, chaos, and a whole lotta of fun!!!

One evening I took my kids and my neighbor's kids to this brand new playground that was just built down the street. The kids were most excited about trying out the tandem swings with Rose, and she was loving it!

Jayne is quite the climber these days! She and Etta climbed up a huge tree at the park this same evening, making me just as nervous as I was proud. 

So many cuties!

Meet "wormy". He was our pet for a full 12 hours. RIP.

Pool days with besties!!! Ashley's little girl Evelyn is 5 months older than Rose. Seeing these two together makes me so happy. 

Can you just feel the joy in that face? Haha

The best napper-on-the-go

Some quality dinner entertainment thanks to Jayne, Johanna, Savannah, and Emory.

GNO for our friend Delsa! Dinner at Good Thyme, ice cream at Rockwell's, and first time (for me) at the Rooftop Concert! I'm honestly embarrassed this was my first time! I've always wanted to go, but it never worked out (Steve always has a game, and if I was pregnant - which was often, haha, I never wanted to do anything at night cause I would be so sick, or I would just space and forget that it was happening!). 

We feel so lucky to live by the best neighbors in all the land. Our kids get along so well and they LOVE playing together. They had a lemonade sale together and my friend blowed up her bouncy house, I brought out the trampoline and the sprinkler, and these kids were in heaven! I seriously am jealous of their lives sometimes. They got it good. 

Amazing food and decor at Ella's bridal shower! She is marrying Steve's cousin Grayson. 

I love him, goofy hair and all.

Grace came to town! Her parents are moving to Georgia so she flew home with Grandma to make the moving easier. She and Hans picked right back up where they left off. Kisses and hugs! 

Just a cute photo of Steve's cousin Adam holding Rose. He is so sweet and asks to hold her all the time. I feel like that's not typical for guys, and I love that about him! He's going to make the BEST Dad someday. 

This girl was being such a ham!!


Quit it!!

I can't even. haha. This girl.

I know I'm a broken record on this blog of mine, but seriously, those eyes... killer.

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