Vegas Trip!

We (me and Crystal and our kids) made a trip down to Vegas this past week to visit my siblings and their kids. Elyse came for a couple days too. My sister Shannon just moved their a couple weeks ago and so we got to see and stay in their new home and best of all, play in their new pool! The kids literally lived in the pool. They were in and out of it from morning until bedtime. It was so nice because then all of us adult ladies could chat and really hang out while they completely entertained themselves. A highlight of the trip was seeing my cousin Rachel and her husband and their kids who also came for a couple of days. I hadn't seen her in six years!!! It was the BEST to see her and catch up with her. She is seriously the epitome of joy and humor and awesomeness all wrapped into one. My bucket of girl talk was completely filled and overflowing from just two days with her. Rachel if you're reading this, I love your guts! And huge shout out to my angel sister Shannon for hosting 14+ kids in her home and never once making you feel like you're imposing. She made it feel like such a relaxing vacation even amidst the chaos. LOVE YOU SHANNON!

In true Jayne fashion, she corralled all the cousins together and was the leader in making up a pool routine! They practiced all day long, gave out invitations for the time and place, and then performed with music and all. It was ADORABLE and actually really good! One of those things that they will re-watch when they are older and never forget. These cousins have the best lives and it brings me the greatest joy knowing that they have each other. Family is everything!

Shannon's windows outside tend to reflect like a mirror... so we caught Jayne's and Katie's sweet dance moves one morning! :)

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