7 months!!!

Since Rose turned 7 months during our time on our cruise, I thought I would share the photos of her from some of our formal dinner nights on the ship. This girl somehow manages to get cuter and cuter each passing month. She would get comments from strangers everywhere we went (or a sweet but somewhat awkward moment where an employee asked if he could take her picture to send to his wife to "tell her what he wants for Christmas", lol), and we literally couldn't go on one single elevator ride without somebody mentioning her big eyes. I think that is her most stunning feature. She is so beautiful and I love her so much!

At 7 months:
- sleeping through the night again like a champ
- loves to nurse and isn't really interested in any food, despite our attempts to try 
- rolling all over and getting into crawling position, but not crawling yet
- gets mad and will show it with her "angry cry" when she's really tired
- really good at sleeping on the go as long as she has her beloved binky and blankey
- loves jamming her fist in her mouth, and sticking or chewing on her tongue
- loves chewing on her toes
- this may be TMI but she will poop every 3-4 days and gets really cranky on the day she's about to poop since she's so backed up :( we need to figure this one out.. all my other kids usually pooped everyday so I'm not used to this!
- has grey blue eyes and brunette hair!
- just a really happy, smiley, easy going baby!

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