Our last stop was Cozumel, Mexico. I left Rose in the daycare on the ship for this excursion because she was a little under the weather and I knew this day would be hard for her. Unlike our other excursions this one was going to be a lot less low-key. I was so glad I left her because we were in the sun allll day, literally lathering sunblock on like nobody's business, and still got a little burnt. It was also really hot and I knew she would have been miserable being towed around everywhere in the hot humid weather.

 We rented jeeps and drove to a calm beach where we went snorkeling and ate a delicious fajita lunch. Afterwards we drove a ways to a beach on the other side of the island that had bigger waves and spent the rest of our time swimming and jumping the waves there. The water was soooo gorgeous. Beautiful turquoise color and soft white sand. My favorite part of all the beaches on this trip was the water temp. I'm a wimp when it comes to cold water and oceans were always the perfect temperature.  I'm also terrified of sharks and so it was nice to be in clear water where you could see down to your feet and not worry about any critters lurking around, haha. After the beach we drove to a local flea market and did a little shopping before heading back to the ship.

I think Cozumel was my favorite place we went to!

The beach we went snorkeling at. The guide who took us snorkeling must be acclimated to his job because he could swim down to the very bottom and hold his breath forever!! I wish I had timed him, but he would stay down prob 3x longer than any of us could and would go much farther down than anybody. He would grab stuff from the ocean floor and bring them up to show us (like conch shells). Anyway, he had some major lung capacity and I probably found that more entertaining to witness than the actual snorkeling, haha.

The coolest thing about this second beach is that no hotels line this side of the island so it was really quiet and secluded and hardly anybody around!

Adam filling in for Steve for our family photo (above)

Saw this wild iguana (?) on our way back to the jeeps

Love this crazy huge family of mine!

And that's a wrap! Huge shout out to my parents for planning such a memorable trip. They are the greatest example of a strong happy marriage and making family a priority. I feel so lucky for this family of mine and for the strong relationships we have with each other. We really have my parents to thank for that too because they are always providing opportunities for us to get together and it's the best. 
Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

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S.DAY said...

Hello- I just had to blog stock you to catch up since you disappeared on insta. It makes me want to blog again. For like a second. For journal purposes - but then I feel so tired. 🤣 Ok I love you, miss you, love reading up on the blog. The kids are growing so fast and lets plan a girls trip to Vegas with Shan asap. Xoxo