Our second stop on the cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica. We took a shuttle to this beautiful resort on the beach and spent the entire day there. There was a water park on the grounds and swimming pools and the most beautiful clear ocean to swim in. We ate a delicious lunch buffet, watched my family play an intense beach volleyball game, and Rose took a long nap in the shade which made the day all the more relaxing. I ate my weight in soft serve ice cream and pina coladas and day dreamed of going back there again one day. Next time with Steve and the kiddos.

The morning we docked, Elyse and I ordered in complimentary breakfast. We were laughing at all the food (didn't realize the servings were going to be so huge). Didn't stop us from eating most of it!

Love those lashes

Check out that grin!

"What is this stuff???" She was so weirded out by the sand!

Her facials were cracking me up

Jamaica looks good on you Rose!

Next up...Cozumel, Mexico!

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