Fourth of July!

Another year celebrating quite possibly our favorite holiday in (without question) our very favorite place to celebrate it - Provo!!! As tradition, we hit up my sister's ward block party the night before, complete with zip lines, swimming, sno-cones, food, rocket launching, water balloon fights, face painting, bounce house jumping, DJ dancing, and the much anticipated ROCKET MAN and fireworks at the end. We all stayed up waaaaay past bedtime and all slept in until 9 the next morning. We quickly got dressed and headed down to our hold home to watch the parade! The new owners are friends with my brother in Las Vegas, so we have been able to get to know them a bit and they are so generous and kind to invite us each year back to our old house to watch the parade. It is so nice to keep our tradition alive even after we moved. When we got close to the house, Frankie went missing and as we were trying to find him in the throngs of people on center street, we finally spotted him on top of the roof of our old house! We were cracking up. After the parade we went up to alpine for BBQ and swimming with family, and then we topped it off with sparklers and more fireworks at Steve's aunt and uncles house. It was a perfect fourth of july and by the end I was ready to sleep for a week! 

Jayne got a little camera that used to be Josephine's and she carried it with her everywhere she went (until she accidentally dropped it and it broke) and it was so darling to watch her get so passionate and excited about taking pictures and videos of things (I wonder where she gets it from ;)... above you can see her taking a "selfie" with Savannah, haha. 

I'll have to get Jayne to do her own blog post with the pictures she took on her camera!

I had to sneak a pictures of this ;)  is authentic eye contact hard to come by these days?

Sweet girl was so snuggly and wide eyed during the fireworks. It was so cute. 

Hope you all had a happy fourth of july!

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Katie Silverman said...

I am loving all your posts!!! Every morning I wake up, make coffee and sit in my comfy chair and read the updates on Dayna's life. :) xoxoxoxo