Our first stop of the cruise was Labadee, Haiti. It's a private resort on the northeast coast of Haiti that is leased to Royal Caribbean. We relaxed on the beach, ate a lunch buffet, swam in the ocean (it was so warm!) and were the last ones back on the ship! While we were swimming in the ocean, these cute local kids swam over to us, grabbed onto our floats that we were relaxing on and just smiled at us while holding onto us. Haha. They only spoke Creole but we managed to communicate a little. We gathered that they were brothers (ages 17 and 10) and they ride their bikes over from their house up on the mountain and bring their own floaties (they can't swim). They must have family that work there because there is strict surveillance and only a controlled group of Haitians are allowed inside the resort. But they were so cute and LOVED Rose. They kept touching her cheeks and wanting to hold her. When we said goodbye they hugged us and kissed us on the cheeks. It was so sweet. We had a great day in Labadee!

My Dad, loving life :)

Her hair cracks me up

Next up, Falmouth Jamaica

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