We flew into Maryland a few days before our lake trip so we could spend a little time where I grew up and so I could go to my friend's wedding. I love coming back to Maryland. I'm always blown away by the green!!! It is so beautiful here and smells so good. I love it. I love bringing my kids back here so they can see where I lived when I was their age. It's so weird sometimes walking through my house when we come to visit. It brings back so many memories... and also makes me feel pretty old!

I was mostly busy with wedding stuff but during our free time we hiked to the canal (the path to the falls was closed), went swimming (while lucky Vinny went to the beach with my two other sisters!), ate Vie de France (not pictured, but most be documented, lol), and just hung out at home and played outside. My kids get so excited to go to Maryland. I love that it's really become a part of them too. I'm grateful to be able to come back here and it will be weird when my parents sell the house and move to Utah, which will probably be in the next few years. 

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