Richards Challenge

We kicked off our lake trip with our annual Richards Challenge! We normally do it the last week of our vacation but because a majority of the fam were here the first week, we switched it up. Lauren is the coordinator nowadays for the Richards Challenge. She designed and ordered our family T-shirts and organized and ran the whole challenge. It was so fun! She included a musical chairs challenge for the younger kids which was really cute and competitive for them, and so fun for us adults to watch too. Other challenges included tug-of-war, limbo, water balloon fight, volleyball, race to find certain items in the house, strength challenge, water slide challenge. It was a blast and everybody always gets really into it which makes it really fun.

As usual we took lots of photos...

It takes a lot of work to put this together. Shout out to this girl for making it happen!

The kids loved getting their war paint on!

Love my Hansie and that cute floppy ear! 

We love our new RC shirts! (Richards Challenge/Richards Cousins)

We always sing the national anthem before beginning our challenge

Baby's first RC!!!

She was killing me with her cuteness 

Like, I can't handle it

Go team blue!!! (Ryan had a couple friends visit who helped our team *nearly* win)

Chocolate ice cream forever and always

Hans has HANDS DOWN the best smile ever

what beats summer, ice cream, cousins, and the lake?!?! (answer: nothing)

Love that Harvey boy!

Cooled off in the afternoon with a swim in the lake. I love those cute swimsuit buns! 

Such a great kick off to our three weeks at our FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH!

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