Deep Creek Lake Part 2

Traditional "Papa Hike" highly anticipated by the 5 and older crew

First year we had to create an age limit for the digger. Too many kids!

Rose discovered the joy of eating ice cream!

Vinny discovered a love for chess and learned how to play some other new games too!

Girls Lunch!

Hans' was very proud of this dinosaur hat he picked out at the dollar store on a rainy day

My dad wake surfing! 65 years young!

Boat naps are the best naps

Ice cream trips look like this. Filled to the max!

This girl was a knee boarding queen. She really loved it and built a lot of confidence being pulled behind the boat. I'm hoping to get her on skis all by herself next year!

Best baby on this trip! She was smiles all day everyday and really made me a happy mama.

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