My Grandma turned 92 last week! 92!!! We celebrated by gathering for a family dinner in her honor at our home on Sunday with all my siblings that live here. The weather was so lovely so we decided to take all the tables outside so we could have more space as we live in a very small rental. It was really pleasant and so special to all be together with my grandparents. They are surprisingly sharp and youthful for their age... they can remember stories from their past in such detail and always have the best ones to share.
During dinner I asked my Grandma, "If you could leave your posterity with one message, what would it be?" Her answer, "Follow the prophet and read your scriptures everyday." My Grandma has always had a burning testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel and it resonates from her and my Grandpa every day. They are pretty incredible. Also, I told my Grandma I really hope my hair goes white instead of grey - I think her white hair is amazing!

Courtesy of Jayne

Who knew she considered me a chef?! 

Sweet Rosie girl with her sweet potatoes

Gah! I love her

My Grandma was so sweet and got so emotional holding Rose. She said, "She isn't even going to remember me when I die" and I told her, "Yes she will because you'll live to be 100 and you'll be at her baptism!" And I truly believe that. 

I love that these kids will have photos to look back on with their GREAT Grandparents

After my grandparents left, we went on a wonderful evening bike ride with our little family

Rose could hardly contain her excitement she was SO excited to ride in the bucket bike! This girl lives for the outdoors. 

This simple scene right here holds my heart.... I told the kids that when I was a young girl, one of the things I day-dreamed about was riding bikes with my own kids someday, and that I was so happy that dream was now a reality. I remember going on bike rides in Maryland with my family and it was an activity I really cherished because it was an activity we could all do together. I love when we are all doing something together, and it really is my happy place just being with my little family doing the simplest things. They are everything to me.

I think we found our new Sunday evening tradition!

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