Fall Leaves

We woke up yesterday morning with tons of yellow leaves scattered across our lawn. The air was crisp and cold, and driving around provo and seeing the colored trees around town blowing in the wind, really made me feel like fall is at it's prime in the valley. I feel like Utah is doing a decent job this year of giving us a real fall! Some years it will be so hot and then you'll wake up one morning with snow on the ground, as if fall just never came. This year has been especially nice, with spot on fall temps and the turn of the leaves happening at a good pace. It's wonderful! Here are some pics of miss Rosie girl today and yesterday. She came with me up to salt lake today for a girls lunch with my mom, grandma, aunt, and sister, and on the way back we made a spontaneous stop at the temple to walk around before I had to be home. This girl is my little buddy. And I am loving her hair in piggies. Everything about her lately is just so fun. I can't believe she'll be one in a little over a month!

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