Rose Frances at 11 months!

I can't believe this little sweetie pie will be a year in just a few weeks! She is getting to be such a big girl but still our little baby. These 11 months have been such a delight with her in our lives. Here are 11 things about our Rosie girl at 11 months old: 

1. So close to walking! She can stand up all by herself without using anything, will take a few steps, falls over, and then repeats the process. 
2. Super curious, wiggly, and full of energy. I remember Jayne at this age would sit still and content in one place for awhile. Not Rose! She loves to explore, open drawers, put everything into her mouth, try and climb up on things (already!), and figure out all her surroundings. 
3. Can say "bye", "mama", "dada", "dotta" for her baby, "no"... loves to babble with her own baby language so I'm sure she'll be a chatty one. 
4. Has the funniest fake laugh and fake cry and will bust both of them out frequently throughout the day. 
5. Is super affectionate and gives lots of kisses and hugs and snuggles.
6. Prefers mama over most people, unless Daddy (or uncle tay-tay) is around.
7. Goes to bed without a fuss but sometimes struggles going down for naps if she knows people are around and playing. She doesn't like to miss out! I remember Jayne being this way too as a baby so it's funny to see similarities. 
8. Loves to be outdoors and gets so excited anytime we take her outside, and LOVES water! She is a little fish when we take her swimming. Steve and I will pass her back and forth under the water at the pool and she thinks it's hilarious! 
9. Eats mostly anything and everything and still loves to nurse which makes me happy. The funniest was when we gave her a sip of Martinelli's for the first time... the carbonation totally threw her off guard and she spit the whole thing out so fast. 
10. Has two teeth, prettiest light brown shade of hair, gorgeous grey/amber/blue eyes, cutest dimple on her cheek, long black eyelashes. 
11. Has the sweetest and happiest demeanor/personality. 

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