Sibling Sunday (10/29)

I forgot to post these photos from a couple Sundays ago.  This particular Sunday was the Primary Program at church. It was so fun to watch the kids say their parts and sing their songs. I was especially proud of Frankie who days prior, really did not want to participate, but on the day of he did great! At the end, everybody sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and it was neat to listen to the words as the entire congregation sang all together with the Primary children. It really made me think about how we are all here trying each day to follow Christ and His example. Despite our best efforts, we all have fallen short and make mistakes, and therefore, we are all dependent on the atonement. Yet, how often do we expect perfection from others or get easily offended? How quick are we to judge someone's choices or intentions? What standard do we hold to those we know or even love while we too fall short? Most of us are just trying our best, and I think that's a good reminder. 

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