O N E !

Our sweet Rosie girl turned ONE on November 29th! Since we spent her actual birthday driving 6 hours in a car from Vegas, we celebrated the following Sunday with family at our place. The kids were so confused why we didn't do anything special on her actual birthday (5th kid, that's why) so this party was also for them, who were very adamant that she have a birthday celebration. I made a simple spice cake with caramel frosting and went with a "rose" floral theme for obvious reason! We sure love our Rose, and feel so lucky to have this sweetest girl in our family. 

at one year old:

  • is taking a binky again!!! you guys, it was a random miracle, and happened over thanksgiving break just before disney. it was a lifesaver at disney, keeping her happy all day long, and she now loves it and sleeps with it. i've never heard of a baby going back to a binky after 6 months without, so we are super grateful. we are a binky loving family over here. 
  • starting to get chatty by mimicking sounds and noises. can point to different body parts and jayne recently taught her how to do peek-a-boo.
  • two bottom teeth and teething with her top teeth. 
  • eats pretty much everything and still loves to nurse. 
  • wild child! she is running around everywhere now, climbing up things, getting into everything... like the toilet (the worst), so we always have to keep doors shut and things locked up. 
  • still sleeping great, anywhere from 12-14 hours a night 
  • is the best little traveler. just to give you an idea, she was strapped down for nearly 6 hours straight on our drive home from vegas, and she didn't make a peep! like really, not one whine or whimper. and it was her birthday, so she could have totally cried if she wanted to! ;)
  • gives the sweetest open mouth kisses and is just a super sweet and loving girl. 
  • happy! she is always giggling and cheezing. her sassy side is starting to manifest itself more and more, but her cuteness makes up for it. 
                                                     happy first birthday, rose! 

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