How are we in the middle of May exactly? Time is going at lightning speed and it's hard to keep up! We had a great month of April. Highlights included Spring Break with the kids and running a half marathon with my sister Shannon in Vegas. We lucked out with some great weather this month and spent a lot of time outdoors. We are excited for summer right around the corner! 

Vinny and his buddy Javin played rec center basketball. It was SO much fun (but sometimes painful if I'm being honest;) to watch, and he LOVED every minute of it. He is naturally very athletic and scored a ton of points this season. We were lucky to have Steve volunteer as coach for a couple games and I think Vinny especially loved when that happened. He is so cute and loves playing sports. 

This girl keeps me on  my toes and makes everyday exciting! 

We took this pic for his school's mother's day program. We had to be in the kitchen making something. We happened to be in Vegas, so Vinny helped me make some mac n cheese one evening. Sure love this kid! 

Post bath snuggles 

Her cheesy grin is  the best

fun times at the park 

She was SO proud of herself for climbing up there all by herself. She would put her hands up to steady and balance and then scream with delight! 

One of my fave pics. We had Sunday dinner at 
Crystal's house and she was just loving life playing in their backyard.

Zerberts from Dad :)

Ok so this was actually from back in March but too good not to share. We played a new game with Steve's family and it's impossible not to crack up during! 

Took the kids to top golf during Spring Break. They love it! 

Except for this one who pretty much hated life being strapped down in the stroller the whole time because she would just escape and run away otherwise. 

Jayne was a good helper with keeping her entertained 

Elyse's cheer banquet! So fun to come and celebrate this girl!

Pics courtesy of Shannon from our time in Vegas 

Bean Museum. Jayne was so sweet with Rose, playing with her and keeping a good eye on her. Seriously, their age gap is the best thing ever right now. 

Neilson's came to town!!!!

Girls night out with Sarah and Delsa 

This pretty much sums her up :) 

Messy face and still as cute as ever 

Preschool pics! 

kills me

I die

Target shenanigans 

Rose during nursery. Keeping her off tables is a full time job. 

"Mom! This slide looks like chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream." - Vinny (perks of colorblindness are all the funny things we get to hear from time to time) 

This was from one of the best family nights recently! We went to dinner at Rubios, went to a fun playground in Orem, got dessert after, and had a family movie night. It was just a really pleasant evening and everyone was happy and having a good time. 

Fun FaceTime sessions with Aunt Kate!

Hans' and his dirt/chocolate/??? covered face one evening at Crystal's place 

My friend Ashley and I went to the tulip festival one afternoon! It was lovely

new fave pic of Rosie. She LOVES taking tubs with her big brothers. 

Day before the big race! Picked up our packets and took a few pics 

Jayne and her face paint at the playground with cousins 

The gorgeous sun rising just as we started the race 

Only 13 miles to go... yikes!

Finished in just under 3 hours. An hour later than my first race, and an hour after my sister. This race was brutal as I was up all night before with a stomach bug. I almost didn't run but knowing I had payed $90 and trained for 3 months... nothing was going to stop me! 

My mom face-timed me during the race and saved me during miles 10-12. It was just the distraction I needed from the sheer exhaustion. Then I called her just as I ran through the finish line! I love this picture they captured at the race. It cracks me up seeing my mom there on my phone! Haha

Quality time with cousins can't be beat 

Rosie was in swimming pool heaven 

Sweet little drawing by Jayne

not pictured: 
- hans and frankie took swim lessons. frankie can already swim unassisted but it really helped his strength and skill and hans is a lot more confident as well. really trying to get him water safe by june. 
- vinn and frank are in soccer together again this spring. it's been so fun to watch them play. frankie is still pretty young and gets a little bored/distracted easily but vinny is doing so well and is definitely one of the better players his age. so fun to see him enjoying it so much. 
- jayne has loved playing "teacher" and doing pretend school with all the kids. she will make little packets for them as homework and they will ALL play together (minus rose) for hours. it is really darling and makes my mama heart so happy. 

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