a couple reasons to celebrate

{aren't our farmer tans hot?}
1. kate's graduation. she had a fun party up in alpine on friday to celebrate. we of course attended. how could we turn down such an awesome celebration- and stellar sunglasses?  they barbecued and jayne and i scarfed down a hamburger and a plateload of strawberries and watermelon. mmmmm. we played water volleyball with the graduating class into the wee hours of the night. it was a good time. congrats kate!

2. josephine was baptized on saturday. it took place in the very same pool we played water volleyball in the night before. she was so cute in her white dress and we are thrilled for her and her decision to be baptized. all of us sibs sang "teach me to walk in the light" (- max but + mike aka "lauren's boyfriend" who played the guitar). it was a delightful day and made for a very pleasant saturday spent with family. 

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Mary Martha said...

a pregno suit! you're adorable.