wedding weekend

the bachelorette party

we had a ladies night out at cheesecake factory for dinner for ashley's bachelorette party. we had fun getting excited for ash and her big day. we were going to go swimming and watch a movie after but all the chit-chatting followed back to my place where we stayed up late talking. it was such a fun way to have some time with her before all the wedding busyness.

the wedding dinner (the night before)

{the girlfriends}

there was a dinner for the bridal party at congressional the night before the big day. it was such a perfect evening. everything from the food, the atmosphere, the company, the toasts, the video...... it was perfect. such nice things were said about ashley and andrew and nobody could get over how perfect they are for each other. her dad even put together a photo/video montage of the both of them- it was so sweet. it really was a perfect evening.

{the sisters}

{the woman and man of the hour}

{everybody was laughing at how i had to put the napkin way up high as to not spill on my bulging belly}

the temple
the wedding ceremony was so beautiful. both of them were beaming. it was suppose to rain that day but someone was watching out for them because the weather was perfect.

the reception
one word to describe: UNBELIEVABLE. it was a dream. every little detail was accounted for. i took a ton of pictures that don't even do it justice. the decor was so personalized to them- everything from the blown up pictures of them in the entry way to the tent, to the big screen TV's inside playing their photo/video montage, to their names lit up on the dance floor.... it was amazing! the flowers, chandeliers, tables, lighting, food (amazing), dancing, you name it- was pure perfection. and so ashley. it was beautiful and amazing.

my best friend is married. i couldn't contain my happiness all weekend. i am just so thrilled for her and this step in her life. she has married an amazing man and they are going to be so happy together. it makes me so happy. the weekend was perfect in every way- i love you ash!


Kristina said...

I stole your blog and posted the link on mine. Ha ha. I am a copy-cat.

Thanks for doing all the hard work! Those pictures are adorable I want to see more.

Esther Noelle said...

Oh wow it looks like it was an amazing wedding!!!! And love the bridesmaid dresses! You look so cute with your belly! And Ashley and her husband make a very handsome couple!

Mitch said...

Gad Zooks! That was a nice freakin wedding! And for me to really notice says a lot about the beauty of a wedding. I'm the only loser out of the all nighter gang that's not married now. Thanks a lot backstabbers.

Kristen said...

your pictures are awesome! I love your post, and I LOVED spending the weekend with you. It was altogether too perfect a weekend for words. Thanks so much for everything!