our birth story

2:30 am. start of labor 
4:00 am. heading to hospital (contractions already 2 1/2 min. apart)
i had to take the classic bare belly shot before going in

6:00 am. Steve helping relieve some pressure during contractions (still feeling pretty good). On constant monitoring as babies heart rate is dropping occasionally (not good), my contractions are very close together, and I'm only at a 2 1/2 (yikes).
8am.-10:15am. ONE MAJOR BLUR. My water breaks and things get really intense. Some periods of no break in between contractions. Getting nervous as jayne's heart is being monitored and still having drops. Have to stay on side in bed for rest of time to get best possible heart rate for her- and to avoid c-section. At this point I am having very intense contractions 1 min. apart and some back to back double. Steve and my mom were the best team ever, coaching me and being so supportive as I start to have transition like contractions- however, I am still only at a 5 1/2. Not normal.
THUS, I opted for an epidural. The anesthesiologist was amazing. I was really scared and nervous about getting the epidural because I was worried it would slow down my progression and that I would end up having to get a c-section since jayne's little heart wasn't doing its very best.  However, I was also having incredibly strong contractions at such a relatively early stage in the game and was finding it too difficult to stay in one position while trying to manage each contraction.  Thankfully, the epidural couldn't have gone any better. I started progressing much faster as I was relaxed and could stay on my side in comfort (its hard to stay in one position without medication, as it feels more comfortable to move or walk around). It was such a relief to be totally comfortable and just let my body do its work, and it was even more of a relief to see my body progressing and babies heart rate doing better and better as time went by.

1:30pm. My doctor checks me and baby is at a plus 2.  Its time to push (YAY!)
2:10pm. Begin pushing. 
2:36pm. Our sweet little jayne is born!

Nothing has ever compared to the miracle we experienced with jayne's birth. I know Heavenly Father was looking down on me and jayne and making sure that everything would work out properly and the way it was suppose to. Everyone's prayers and love on our behalf were felt and answered. The feeling we had seeing Jayne for the first time truly testified of our Heavenly Father's existence. It is such a miracle. Birth is such a miracle. Holding jayne for the first time was the best feeling I have ever had in my life. 

seeing and holding my little jayne for the first time

overwhelmed with complete  joy

instantly in love with our baby girl

first family photo

i couldn't get over how much she looked like steve

proud dadda

(i look exhausted- which i was) with her aunt crystal and grandma

Grandma Monette and Aunt Lauren seeing her for the first time

with Gramps

in love with that little face

just so happy she's here and its over!

right after they bathed her

with Papa

and Uncle Jayson

Aunt kate seeing her for first time

with Aunt Josephine, Grandma Monette, and Uncle Max

with Uncle Mike


Our friends Tyler and Krystyna (her non-blood aunt and uncle) came to visit

Uncle Javi came too

nurse gave her another sponge clean and a new bow

Meeting Great Grandma Porter (and great grandpa too) for the first time

Making funny faces with dad

Smooshy face with Mama

I absolutely adore this little chicky

Things are going so well. I am recovering nicely and we will get to go home tomorrow. For now we are in the hospital just oohing and ahhing over our little girl. Such an amazing thing to think this is our baby that we get to keep :)
Jayne is healthy and perfect. 
Steve is so cute with her. He can't look at her once without commenting on how cute she is. She loves her dadda and instantly calms down and opens her eyes when he talks to her. She's already got him wrapped around her finger.

We wanted to thank all of you for your sweet words and comments. We feel so much love from so many. It is awesome. Life could not be any better at the moment. Even the little challenging things like recovering, lack of sleep, etc. are no big deal because its all just so worth it. It is so amazing. Words really hardly express. 

Welcome to the world baby Jayne.  We love you.


Shannon and Kevin said...

Thank you for this post!!!!! I can't get over her adorableness!!! She is so freaking cute! I'm dying not being there holding her in my arms! Dayna she does look a lot like Steve, but she also looks a lot like you. It will be so fun to watch her grow and change! What a lucky little girl to have so many people who care for her and love her! Baby Jayne - we love you so much and can't wait to meet you in just a few short weeks!!!! XOXOXO

The Romney Family said...

Dayna, she's absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad she's finally here and that you're both doing well. Thanks so much for posting your birth story! I'm so glad you had such a good experience and that everything went well. Things just keep getting better from here on out. :) Hope to see her (and you!) in person sometime soon! Esther and I can bring you dinner--how does that sound?

Angie said...

Thanks for posting this, and all the pictures! I was almost getting choked up with how amazing those pictures were, of you holding her for the first time, and your little family. I can't believe you're parents and I'm gonna be honest, seeing how happy you are and the miracle of bringing a child into the world, it makes me want to join the club! Such a beautiful post, thanks! So happy for you guys!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

I am sitting here with tears of joy because I remember that feeling so well! You look wonderful and the look on your face when you first saw her is priceless. We love you and we are so so so very happy for you!!! We love you Baby Jayne!! (and of course you and Steve) :)

Michael said...

Steve and Dayna, she's absolutely adorable. Good work! The big lips are incredibly cute. I'm glad the pregnancy was a success and without complications. Congratulations!

The Egan's said...

Congrats Dayna and Steve! She is such a pretty baby! So exciting! Nice work!

Becky said...

welcome baby jayne! you are one lucky girl to already be loved by so many people. congratulations maglebys! glad to hear everything went well. enjoy these precious first moments.

Bonnie said...

Welcome to the world Jayne! Dayna you guys look so great with her and she is SO adorable! I am so glad you and her are healthy and well! Good luck over the next few weeks and I hope you catch up on your sleep!

Klane said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with everybody.

Whitney Elizabeth said...

Congrats Steve and Dayna!! She is so stinkin cute!

Brittany and Derek said...

Congratulations! I love all of the pictures. She is one cute little girl and you look GREAT! She's a good mix of the two of you. Hopefully you are getting plenty of rest with all of the helpful hands of family nearby!

jo said...

Dayna, first of all, i can not get over how beautiful little jayne is! She does not look newborn, she is not swollen at all, her head is perfectly round and her skin is not blotchy (the typical newborn look). She looks very peaceful and seems that the birthing experience was not hard on her at all.
I am so proud of you giving birth with such courage. I hope you are proud of how awesome you did. It is not easy but you went through the whole labor with grace, that is amazing!!!! And I can't believe how fast yours was. Well I guess this is all who you talk too:) Compared to my experience, you zoomed! Great work. I have to admit I was a bit jealous hearing how great the epidural felt and added such relief and joy to the experience:)Would you say the epidural helped speed things along?
Another thing, how do you look so beautiful after giving birth!?Steve you looked very handsome to.
What a gem of a family!

Esther Noelle said...

Wow Dayna! She is just the most adorable little baby girl!!! And it sounds like you are doing well! It's so great to read your birth story but hopefully I'll be able to sit down with you one day soon and hear all the details!! I felt like I wanted to talk about it to anyone who'd listen... ha. I hope you are feeling good - thanks for commenting on my blog. Like Amy said, can we please come visit and bring you dinner??? Or a treat? Or whatever you want! Hope you're doing great!!

Kristin said...

Hooray!!! She is finally here!! Wow Dayna....she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy that everything went well. Isnt it just the most incredible feeling to have labor behind you and to just hold this little wonder in your arms?? Nothing like it. I love all the pics you have posted. Jayne couldn't be more precious...and you look fantastic!! (You look great too Steve!) Congratulations!
(This is kristin archibald by the way)