on saturday we took a walk up center street to check out the provo farmer's market. we wish we hadn't eaten before we left because there were tons of booths selling all sorts of yummy grub- homemade donuts, crepes, pastries, fresh produce, bread, mexican food, and more. steve gave in to the sparkling frozen yogurt. they also had tons of booths selling all sorts of crafts, jewelry, soaps, clothing, etc. i gave into a couple booths selling cute earrings. it was really fun. it takes place every saturday from 11 to 2 up until october so if you can you should check it out. we'll definitely be going back.

we saw this sign. my mom has the same name. we had to take a picture.


even jayne had a fun time! see!


Esther Noelle said...

Love her smile with her eyes closed!!! You look so great Dayna!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Where do I begin??
1) Her dress is AMAZING!! Monette, Lauren & Mike did a fantastic job between the dress and the jewelry to really make this day special for you and Jayne.
2) Jayne is so stinkin' cute and such a sweet baby!
3) Did you really just have a baby 3 weeks ago? You look like you have your pre-pregnancy body back already. You look so gorgeous in these pictures, and your hair looks great - i love it!